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I'll Remember You

I'll remember youWhen I've forgotten all the rest,You to me were true,You to me were the best.When there is no more,You cut to the coreQuicker than an ...

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Worried About You

Sometime I wonder why you do these things to meSometime I worry girl that you ain't in love with meSometime I stay out late, yeah I'm having funYes, I ...

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September in the Rain

1 2 2 toobidoo The leaves of brown Came tumbling down, Remember in September in the rain. The sun went out Just like a light, Remember in September in ...

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Step on Me

Words and music by Brian May and Tim Staffell Know what I said when I saw you crying Hang on that's folly I was reeking the head I believed your lying ...

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Be Careful (Cuidado Con Mi Corazà³n)

Performed by ricky & madonnaBe careful with my heartYou could break itDon't take my love for grantedThings could changeSometimes I go insaneI played t ...

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FrustrationIn my lexicon of hateI see you with your portraitureDoes he love you?Does he love you too?The brush strokesKiss your breasts and toesI cry ...

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Seeing The Real You At Last

Well, I thought that the rain would cool things downBut it looks like it don't.I'd like to get you to change your mindBut it looks like you won't.From ...

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Neighbors, neighbors, neighborsNeighborsHave I got neighbors?Have I got neighbors?All day and all nightNeighborsHave I got neighbors?Ringing my doorbe ...

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Love of the Loved

Each time I look into your eyesI see that there a heaven liesAnd as I lookI see the love of the loved.Someday they'll see that from the startMy place ...

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Get Down Make Love

Get down, make loveGet down, make loveGet down, make loveGet down, make loveYou take my bodyI give you heatYou say you hungryI give you meatI suck you ...

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Get Over

YeahYou get under my skinWhen I'm next to youYou get overEvery little thing you do, II was thinking that you never tried to hurt meNever wanted someth ...

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Cheat on Me

Why do you cheat on meWhy do I cheat on theeWhy do I cheat on meWhy do I cheat on meI have a passionate heartIt can tear us apartI have the loves of m ...

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