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Junior Dad

Would you come to meIf I was half drowningAn arm above the last waveWould you come to meWould you pull me upWould the effort really hurt youIs it unfa ...

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Never Gonna Be The Same Again

Now you're here beside me, baby,You're a living dream.And every time you get this closeIt makes me want to scream.You touched me and you knewThat I wa ...

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Smell of you baby, my senses, my senses be praised Smell of you baby, my senses, my senses be praised Kissing and running, kissing and running away Ki ...

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Suzy Parker

Well come on Suzy Parker, everybody's welcome to come(Come on, Suzy Parker, come on Suzy Parker)Said come on Suzy Parker, everybody's welcome to come( ...

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April Lady

Words and music by Brian May and Tim Staffell She won our hearts the arts she loved Is painting pictures for free When she was done she hung them up F ...

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You don't actually careLove for you is no beginningYou're not really thereHallucinationI thought you were listeningHallucinationI thought you were lis ...

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Clean-Cut Kid

Everybody wants to know why he couldn't adjustAdjust to what, a dream that bust?He was a clean-cut kidBut they made a killer out of him,That's what th ...

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Hey baby Every man is the same come on I'll make you a star I'll take you a million miles from all this Put you on a pedestal Come on, come on Have yo ...

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Sour Milk Sea

If your life's not right, doesn't satisfy youDon't get the breaks like some of us doBetter work it out; find where you've gone wrongBetter do it soon ...

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Words and music by Tim StaffellI might be at a table And suddenly I'll catch A fleeting vision of her crystal seas Or I might be standing in a crowded ...

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Me Against the Music

[Madonna:]All my people in the crowdGrab a partner take it down [Britney:] It's me against the music[Madonna:] Uh uh[Britney:] It's just me[Madonna:] ...

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Little Dog

Little dog who can't get inMoaning at the bed sideMoaning from each limbLittle dog who can't get inCan only cry butCan not swimPony legs, little trotL ...

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